Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present

Susan McAlister: Field Days

28 September – 2 November 2019 

Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Susan McAlister: Field Daysfrom 28 September through 2 November 2019. McAlister writes: “Field Days is comprised of work initiated out ‘in the field’. Long walks, observations, collected objects. Begun with what the land provides, this diverse body of work is a tribute to the land I love.” Included will be the gestural and painterly landscape paintings in oil and mixed media she is well known and loved for, as well as multi-media pieces that hover between representation and abstraction, these veering more toward the abstract. She also will introduce some new more three-dimensional assemblage paintings that are created with cut outs á la Matisse and also actual objects she has picked up in her “field” work.  This new direction she explains allows her to tell the stories of specific geographic and historical sites, which has become increasingly important to her. 

Another inspiration for the work in this show is Walt Whitman. McAlister writes: “A poet of the everyman, I find inspiration in his use of our nation’s landscape to describe our diverse yet common humanity. Possibly these spaces represent what is ‘best’ about our country and provide a platform for unity. If mountains are our heart, the rivers are our soul; the streams our everyday; the forests our history…both the good and the bad of it.”

McAlister, who now resides in Charlotte, NC is inspired by travels and also the land, sea and skyscapes of her native Virgina, South Carolina and Montana, along with travels, most recently to Iceland. Her work is in many private and public collections, including the University of Virginia Health Care System and the Boar’s Head Inn Resort in Charlottesville, and has been shown in museums and galleries throughout the south. 

There will be an opening Reception with the artist on Saturday, 28 September, from 4:30 – 6:30. For more information consult our website www.lydm.co or call 434-973-5566 or email LYDMGallery@gmail.com