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  • Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Modern Alchemy, a two-person exhibition of works by Rosemarie Fiore and Ana Rendich.  Dates: 7 May – 26 June 2022 Opening Reception: Saturday, 7 May, 4:30 – 6:30 pm with a Smoke Painting Performance by Rosemarie Fiore at 3:00 pm Like Les Yeux du Monde founder, the late Lyn Bolen Warren, Rosemarie Fiore studied under groundbreaking art historian Lydia Gasman at UVA and credits Gasman with significantly influencing her life and work. A resident of the Bronx, New York, Fiore has exhibited work nationally and internationally, and her work has been reviewed

  • Les Yeux du Monde presents Light in Darkness 16 May – 26 July 2020 In response to the worldwide tragedy of the Coronavirus, Les Yeux du Monde presents the online exhibition, Light in Darkness through July 2020. At the beginning of the 20th century artists from Kandinsky to Mondrian were attempting to represent the spiritual and a deeper reality through their art, thus leading art historian and artist Lydia Gasman to define Modernism as a “quest for new forms of the sacred.” Over 100 years later, the artists in this exhibition also subscribe to this goal, albeit in varying ways. Lydia Gasman’s Angel of

  • Time: Ann Lyne, John McCarthy, Ana Rendich 25 January – 1 March 2020 Opening Reception, Saturday, 25 Jan, 4 – 6 p.m. To kick off 2020, the 25th year of LYDM, the gallery will contemplate our history and Time, looking back at our past, and forward into our hoped-for future. In Time we will show two artists who have been with the gallery since it’s beginning, John McCarthy and Ann Lyne, while also featuring the innovative resin work of relative newcomer Ana Rendich.  The late John McCarthy was one of the first visitors to Les Yeux du Monde in 1995 and he was bearing impressive paintings and a brilliant artists’ statement that

  • Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Susan McAlister: Field Days 28 September – 2 November 2019 Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Susan McAlister: Field Daysfrom 28 September through 2 November 2019. McAlister writes: “Field Days is comprised of work initiated out ‘in the field’. Long walks, observations, collected objects. Begun with what the land provides, this diverse body of work is a tribute to the land I love.” Included will be the gestural and painterly landscape paintings in oil and mixed media she is well known and loved for, as well as multi-media pieces that hover between representation and abstraction, these veering more toward the abstract. She also will introduce some new more three-dimensional assemblage paintings that are created with cut outs á la Matisse and also actual

  • Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Sanda Iliescu: Arrivals 24 August – 22 September 2019 Les Yeux du Monde is excited to present for our initial show of the 2019 fall season Sanda Iliescu: Arrivals, from August 24 to September 22. Born in Romania, Iliescu received her BSE in Civil Engineering and her Masters of Architecture from Princeton University. She is a well-known and beloved professor of art and architecture at UVA, winning the National Beginning Design Faculty award in 2017, and an artist who has exhibited her art globally and has received many prestigious awards including the Rome Prize, a McDowell fellowship, and the Distinguished Artist Award of the New Jersey State Council of

  • Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to presentLandscape Reimagined8 June – 11 August 2019Opening Reception, Saturday, 8 June, 5 – 7 p.m. Les Yeux du Monde’s summer show, Landscape Reimagined will feature 27 painters and 10 sculptors who take landscape as their subject or use their art to literally inhabit and intersect with nature.  The show was inspired by the concurrent exhibition, Lady Painters at Second Street Gallery which examines the influence of Abstract Expressionist painter Joan Mitchell on contemporary artists Isabelle Abbot, Karen Blair, Janet Bruce, Molly Herman and Priscilla Whitlock.  Landscape Reimagined will include work by those artists as well as others who paint in the

  • Lincoln Perry Places in Time & Kathryn Keller: Interiors and Landscapes 4 May – 2 June 2019 Les Yeux du Monde is excited to present an artist we have shown since our inception 24 years ago, Lincoln Perry and his show Places in Time, and to introduce a talented newcomer, Kathryn Keller and her Interiors and Landscapes from from 4 May – 3 June 2019. There will be an opening reception (free and open to the public) for both exhibitions on Saturday, May 5 from 4:30 – 6:30. Lincoln Perry, well known muralist and expert painter of figures in architectural and landscape settings, will exhibit his latest paintings

  • Summertime…. Anne Chesnut, Richard Crozier, Abby Kasonik, Megan Marlatt,  Trisha Orr, Lincoln Perry, Priscilla Long Whitlock, Sarah Boyts Yoder, Cate West Zahl 20 July – 26 August 2018 Opening Reception, Friday, July 20, 5 – 7 p.m. Closing Reception, Sunday, August 26, 2 – 4 p.m.    From July 20 through August 26, 2018, Les Yeux du Monde presents Summertime…, featuring the work of nine artists evoking summer’s varied scenes and associations.  Some of these artists—Anne Chesnut, Richard Crozier, Trisha Orr, Megan Marlatt, Lincoln Perry and Priscilla Long Whitlock—are long time favorites with the gallery with many shows to their history.  Others

  • Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present The Livestock Marker Show: Gwyn Kohr, Kathy Kuhlmann, Russ Warren 9 June – 15 July 2018 From June 9 through July 15, Les Yeux du Monde will feature paintings using livestock markers as the medium by Gwyn Kohr, Kathy Kuhlmann and Russ Warren. Kohr and Kuhlmann have been taking studio critique classes from Warren for over six years. Early in 2014, Kohr brought Warren some livestock markers that her husband used to mark his cattle. Warren was captivated by these inch-wide sticks that came in myriad bright colors from neon yellow to

  • Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Jessie Coles: New Still Life Paintings 5 May –3 June 2018 Opening Saturday, 5 May, 3 –5 p.m. Jessie Coles will exhibit her latest still life paintings at Les Yeux du Monde from May 5 through June 3 2018. Coles is a graduate in Studio Art from the University of Virginia and is well known for her luscious and dynamic still life paintings in oil and in acrylic.  Ironically, her “still life” painting are anything but “still.” She says “energy and movement” are the real subjects of her art. It is the

  • Les Yeux du Monde will present Three Voices: Pam Black, Sally Bowring & Lou Jordan in the main gallery and Judy McLeod: Recent Work in the rear gallery from 17 February through 25 March 2018.  There will be an opening reception with the artists on Saturday, February 17, from 3 – 5 p.m. There will also be a Lunch with the Artists (reservations required, $15) on Wednesday, April 16 and a Closing Reception on Sunday March 25 from 2 – 4 followed by a talk by Judy McLeod about her recent work. Pam Black, who teaches at the University of Virginia in the Drama and

  • Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present Millicent Young: Cantos for the Anthropocene & Kris Iden: Pelago d’Aria 5 January – 11 February 2018 Opening Reception, Friday, 5 January 5 – 7 p.m. To open the New Year, Les Yeux du Monde will present Millicent Young: Cantos for the Anthropocene and Kris Iden: Pelago d’Aria, two exhibitions by artists who view art as a lens or means of reflection, meditation, and possible change. Millicent Young’s haunting installations created with a variety of materials from horse hair to lead, fabric, wood and stone have for many years garnered prestigious awards from

  • Les Yeux du Monde presents  Dean Dass: New Paintings and Works on Paper 17 November – 31 December 2017  Les Yeux du Monde will feature for its final show of 2017 Dean Dass, one of the most important mainstays of the gallery since its inception 23 years ago. Dass, an influential professor of printmaking at the University of Virginia since 1985 is well known regionally, nationally and internationally for his handmade books, unique prints and sublime oil paintings. He has exhibited and is in collections of museums throughout the United States and beyond in countries such as Poland, Brazil, England,

  • Summer Perspectives: Isabelle Abbot with Sarah Boyts Yoder and Cate West Zahl and More Light:  Karen Blair, Ana Rendich, Krista Townsend 23 June – 20 August 2017 Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to present two shows for the summer season. In the main gallery, we will show Summer Perspectives:  Isabelle Abbot with Sarah Boyts Yoder and Cate West Zahl.  This show will feature new paintings by Isabelle Abbot, who has exhibited with the gallery for five years, while introducing the paintings of abstract artists Sarah Boyts Yoder and Cate West Zahl. Abbot, one of our region’s well known and loved landscape

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