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    William Albert Allard
    Five Decades

    INsight Conversation with Allard
    Thursday, 7 June | 7 -9 pm
    at the Paramount Theater

    Exhibition  held in conjuction with
    First Annual Festival of the Photograph


    William Albert Allard

    April 2009

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  • Biography

    Photographer and writer William Albert Allard has been a major force at National Geographic and in mainstream photography for over 50 years. It is said that as an intern in 1964 his intimate photographs of the Amish of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, were regarded as a landmark in the photographic evolution of the magazine. A former contributor to Magnum Photos, Allard has been published in most of the major magazines in the United States and abroad. Allard is one of the few photographers of his generation whose entire professional body of work is in color. 

    In its January 2012 issue, National Geographic featured  Bill’s Montana Hi-Line story. In its October, 2010 issue, National Geographic magazine recognized Allard’s work on the American West with a 10-page excerpt from his  book “William Albert Allard: Five Decades a retrospective,” which examines his work in America but emphasizes his work done internationally over the years. Part photographic retrospective and part compelling memoir, this book paints a full picture—through images and narrative—of one of color photography’s most celebrated pioneers. Allard’s powerful voice as a writer adds layers of meaning to the images, 80 percent of which are previously unpublished.


  • Books

    Portraits of America

    by William Albert Allard
    with a Forward by Richard Ford

    William Albert Allard:
    The Photographic Essay

    by Erla Zwingle, Russell Hart
    and Sean Callahan

    William Albert Allard: Five Decades

    by William Albert Allard
    with a Forward by William Kittredge

    Time at the Lake /
    A Minnesota Album

    by William Albert Allard

    Vanishing Breed:
    Photographs of the Cowboy
    and the West

    by William Albert Allard
    with a Forward by
    Thomas McGuane

    A Time We Knew:
    Images of Yesterday
    in the Basque Homelandby William Albert Allard