Shelby Fischer

  • Selected Works

    Shelby Fischer. Thy Kingdom Come
    Mixed media collage, 14 x 11″

    Shelby Fischer. A Conversation Among the creatures and people who hid in my closet when I was a little girl
    Mixed media collage, 14.5 x 14″

    Shelby Fischer. The Coin Appears
    Mixed media collage, 9.5 x 7.5″

    Shelby Fischer. Scrumtrulescent
    Mixed media collage, 10.5 x 10.5″

    Shelby Fischer. me, myself and I
    Mixed media collage, 13 x 11.5″

    Cheer Up. Mixed media collage, 16 x 20″

    Sam. Mixed media collage, 12 x 12″

    Untitled. Mixed media collage, 8 x 10″

    Phantom. Mixed media collage, 5 x 5″

    Untitled. Mixed media collage, 3 x 3″

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    exposed early on to a wide range of artistic expression, including harmonica, ukulele, flute, gospel, opera, and a variety of lessons in the visual arts. Focusing on classical piano for several decades led me to a job as Executive Producer for the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, an international, non-profit educational organization based in Washington, DC.

    After many years I escaped the DC rat race by moving to a farm in Greene County in January 2002, where, among many other things, I rediscovered art. My life was profoundly altered after taking a class with artist Ros Casey, called Mapping the Dark, an experience that opened my mind to the possibilities of mixed media collage. I attacked the art form with a vengeance and have never looked back.

    I’ve spent the past six years renovating and restoring my eighteenth century farmhouse and gardens that are extensions of my collage work. It is not unusual to find vintage wood scraps from my old barn or antique furniture in my assemblages.

    I garden, interior and landscape design, quilt, draw, sew, and love animals (I own three rescue dogs.) I have done several outdoor large stone mosaic installations in the ground throughout my property using rocks from the Middle River, which runs through my land. In addition to writing scripts and speeches (Herbie Hancock National Press Club speech, September 2006) for the Thelonious Monk Institute, I am the proud mother of one wonderful 27-year old daughter who is getting her PhD in Child Psychology in New York.

    I am represented in Charlottesville by Les Yeux du Monde. Over the past four years I have been in over half a dozen solo and group exhibitions throughout Central Virginia and am featured in the book Mixed Media Collage by Holly Harrison (2007).

    Artist statement

    My mixed media collages and assemblages blend surrealism with otherworldly imagery. Each work is a fragment of an intuitive story—odd and mysterious narratives that are familiar echoes of a long lost, often twisted fantasy or nightmare. Imagine Alice in Wonderland meets Max Ernst via Frida Kahlo.

    A self-taught visionary artist, I accumulate images that resonate with unconscious potential from a wide range of illustrated sources found on the internet. Through an improvisational process I “paint” the canvas with paper and fibers, building texture and mood to create backdrops for collaged forms. These imaginary landscapes are inhabited by creatures and objects painstakingly hand cut from their printed sources. Intricately pieced frames made from glass tile fragments, sometimes interrupted by metal shards, vintage wood, and found objects, extend the scene—beautiful foils to unexpected scenarios. These sculptures often become elements of larger, more complex constructions.

    Ultimately, I am obsessed with elaborate projects that involve breaking apart the whole, and then reassembling the disparate pieces and parts in an attempt to make sense out of the questions and chaos in my head. I am drawn to art that gets under my skin—like a thorn in my finger or pebble in my shoe.

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