Lincoln Perry

  • Selected Works


    Pygmalion, 1983. Oil on canvas, 53 x 72 inches

    Danae, 1991. Oil on canvas, 52 x 64 inches 

    Picturing Will, 1992 – 3, oil on canvas, 96 x 80 inches 

    Restoring Order, 1992. Oil on canvas. 43 x 69 inches

    Guiding Principles, 2001. Oil on canvas, 50 x 61 inches

    Awaiting, 10 AM, 2006 – 7. Oil on canvas, 46 x 52 inches

    Maquette for Cabell Hall Mural, West Stairwell, Old Cabell Hall, 2010. Oil on wood, 3: 27 ½ x 18 inches

    Off Ivy Rd. I, 2012. Oil on masonite, 8 x 20 inches

    Glenwood, 2012. Oil on masonite, 8 x 20 inches


    Apple Orchard View II, 2012. Oil on masonite, 12 x 10 inches

    Pavilion Garden, 2012. Oil on masonite, 12 x 10 inches

  • Previous Exhbitions

    Works on Paper
    30 October – 29 November 2015

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    Murals and More
    11 May – 17 June 2012

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    Past & Present
    6 May – 6 June 2010

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    The Latest Cabell Hall Murals                                                                                                                                       
    26 February 2009

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    Three Decades                                                                                                                                                                      5 – 27 October 2007

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    Rabbits and Fairies
    1 December 2005 – 14 January 2006

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    The Music of Time
    5 – 29 November 2003

    Cabell Hall Centennial Mural
    9 September – 22 October 2000

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  • Statement
  • Biography

    Lincoln Perry was born in New York City in 1949, and received his education at Columbia University and Queens College. Described as “a figurative painter
    of narratives,” Perry’s elegantly crafted paintings have been compared to such European masters as Poussin, de Chirico and Balthus. In addition to his work as an easel painter, Perry is also an accomplished muralist and sculptor.

    Many of Perry’s compositions consist of multiple panels (occasionally as many as twelve) that are affixed to create a single square or rectangular painting. These series of panels are a perfect form for this narrative painter whose images are fashioned to be viewed from multiple viewpoints and perspectives. Unfolding in
    a film-like sequence, Perry’s often allegorical images and storylines purposefully cultivate an ambiguity that engages the viewer both visually and intellectually. Rather than answers and solutions, Perry’s work is best known for the questions it asks and the possibilities it presents. A gifted draftsman known for his exquisite figures and masterful compositions, Perry is also a fine colorist. His paintings are saturated by a juxtaposition of vibrant hues that infuse even his smallest oils with

    a dynamic energy and powerful presence.

    Perry has taught at the University of Arkansas and the University of New Hampshire. Since 2001 he has been Distinguished Visiting Artist at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. His works are in many private and public collections, including
    the University of Virginia Art Museum and Metropolitan Life. Perry’s mural commissions include Cabell Hall at the University of Virginia; Lincoln Square in Washington, D.C.; the Federal Courthouse in Tallahassee, Florida; and the Met Life Building in St. Louis, Missouri.

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