Kathy Kuhlmann

  • Selected Works

    Blue Ridge Landscape I, 2018. Livestock markers on paper, 30 x 22″

    Red Barn, 2016. Photo transfer, livestock marker, oil stick on paper, 22 x 30″

    Bernie, 2017. Livestock marker and oil stick on paper, 30 x 22″

    Bernie, 2016
    Acrylic, livestock marker, oil sticks on paper
    30 x 22″

    Surveillance, 2015
    Acrylic, livestock marker, oil sticks on paper
    22 x 15″

    On Guard, 2015
    Acrylic, livestock marker, oil sticks on paper
    22 x 15″

    Out the Window, 2018. Photo transfer, livestock marker, wax on clayboard, 11 x 14”

    West Virginia, 2018. Photo transfer, livestock marker, wax on clayboard, 11 x 14”

  • Previous Exhibitions

    The Livestock Marker Show:
    Gwyn Kohr, Kathy Kuhlmann, Russ Warren

    8 June – 16 July 2018
    Opening Saturday, 8 June, 5 – 7 p.m.

    Summer Light
    15 July – 21 August 2016

    Exhibition page >


    LYdM turns 20 in 2015
    9 January – 1 February 2015

    Exhibition page >

    Amazonas in color, light and medium
    Barry Gordon . Gwyn Kohr . Kathy Kuhlmann . Lindsey Oberg . Patte Ormsby . Martha Saunders . Elizabeth Schoyer
    20 June – 20 July 2014

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    Buck, 2015
    Photo transfer on paper
    15 x 11″

    Watercolor on paper
    15 x 11″

    Amazonas, 2013
    Watercolor on paper
    22 x 30″

  • Curriculum Vitae


    1978-79 Associate Degree
    College of Home Economics
    North Dakota State University
    Fargo, N.D.

    Major: Textiles and Clothing: collateral areas in Historical Costume & Conservation and Design.

    1979-82   Bachelor of Science with Highest Distinction
    College of Home Economics
    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis, MN.

    Major:  General Design with main area of interest in fabric design, including: dyeing, discharging, printing, appliqueing, quilting.

    2012-present Critique Class: Russ Warren, Studio School, Charlottesville, VA

    2012 Award of Excellence, Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, McGuffey Art Center, Charlottesville, VA

    Solo Exhibitions:

    April-Sept, 2017: “Kathy Kuhlmann works on paper”. Mi Osso, Charlottesville, VA.

    May-July, 2016: “Horses”. Martha Jefferson/Sentara Hospital, Charlottesville, Va.

    Sept 2015: “Crows, Horses, Deer, Hands” New works in watercolor, photo transfer, oil sticks.  Writers House, Charlottesville, Va.

    2013: “Watercolors and Photo transfer”. BozArt Gallery, Charlottesville, Va.

    2012: “Snapshots”. BozArt Gallery

    2010: “The Energy of Color”. Watercolors. BozArt Gallery. Charlottesville.

    2010: “X’s and O’s”. III Aesthetics Gallery. Charlottesville, Va.

    2009: “X’s and O’s”. Watercolors. Java Java. Charlottesville, Va.

    2009: “It’s About the Color”. Watercolors. BozArt Gallery.

    2009: “Watercolors”. Milano, Charlottesville, Va.

    Group Exhibitions:

    1981: “New York”. Surface Design Minnesota at Coffman Gallery, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, MN.

    1981: “Five Women”. Bloomington Art Center. Bloomington, MN.

    1981: “Artwear to be Worn Out”.  Surface Design Minnesota Wearable art Show. The Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN. and Butler Square, Minneapolis, MN.

    1982: “Variations on a Surface”.  Surface Design Minnesota.  Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Minneapolis, MN.

    1982: “Artwear Party”.  Surface Design Minnesota fundraiser showing modeled wearables.  Lumber Exchange Building. Minneapolis, MN.

    1982: “Art Vestments”.  Wearable art show. American State of the Arts Gallery Exchange.  New York City.

    1983: “Nuts and Bolts”. Sack’s Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

    1984-88:  Greenwood Arts and Crafts Fair. Greenwood, VA.

    1984-88:  Greenwood Christmas Boutique.  Greenwood. VA.

    1984-87: Artisans Bazaar. Newcomb Hall. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.

    1986: Developed, traveled to Brazil, coordinated a Brazilian Lace Exhibition.  Auspices of the Virginia Partners of the Americas.  Traveling exhibit throughout the region.

    1987:  Market Bazaar.  Lynchburg, VA.

    1988: “Summer Festival”.  Art of the Lakes. Phelps Mill, MN.

    1988: “1st Annual N.D. State Art and Craft Show”. Fargo, ND.

    1988: Heritage Arts and Crafts show. Charlottesville, VA.

    1988: “Wearable Art”. 2nd Street Gallery. Charlottesville, VA.

    1989-97: Continued ‘K Designs’ textile/wearables, custom dyeing

    2005:  Start watercolor classes with Lee Alter, Charlottesville, VA.

    2005: Watercolor Group show, ALC. Charlottesville, VA.

    2006: Watercolor Group show, ALS. Charlottesville, VA.

    2006: Group show. McGuffey Art Center. Charlottesville, VA.

    2007: Group Show “Art on a Mission”.  Roanoke, VA.

    2007-2014: BozArt Gallery shows, monthly. Charlottesville, VA.

    2007: Group Show.  “Show and Exhibition”. McGuffey Art Center. Charlottesville, VA. 

    2008: Group Show. Focus Resource Center. Charlottesville, VA.

    2009: Central Virginia Watercolor Guild Annual Juried Show.  McGuffey Art
    Center. Charlottesville, VA.

    2010: Member show. Second Street gallery. Charlottesville, VA.

    2011: “Equus III: the Modern Horse”.  The Art Center of Virginia. Orange, VA.

    2012: Central Virginia Watercolor Guild Annual Juried Show.  McGuffey Art Center.  Charlottesville, VA.

    2014: “Amazonas”.  Les Yeux du Monde Gallery.  Charlottesville, VA.

    2014:  “The Great Winter Crow Show”.  Spirit Room Gallery.  Fargo ND.

    2015: “Self Portrait”.  Spirit Room Gallery.  Fargo,ND.

    2015: “20!”.  Les Yeux du Monde Gallery.  Charlottesville, VA.

    2016: “The Great Winter Crow Show”.  Spirit Room Gallery. Fargo, ND.

    2016: “Summer Light”. Les Yeux du Monde Gallery. Charlottesville, VA.

    2016: “Equus IV: For the Love of Horses”.  The Art Center in Orange, Orange, VA.

    2017: “The Crow Show, 2017”.  Juried Group Show at The Studio Door, San Diego, CA.  Exhibition juror: Kathy Kelsey Foley, Director of Leigh ; Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wassau, WI.

    2017: “The Great Winter Crow Show”.  Spirit Room Gallery. Fargo, ND.

    2017: “Central Virginia Watercolor Guild Annual Juried Show”.  McGuffey Art Center.  Charlottesville, VA.

    2018: “The Crow Show 2018”.  The Studio Door.  San Diego, CA.  Juror: Roxana Velaquez, Executive Director of the San Diego Museum of Art.

    2018:  “The Great Winter Crow Show”.  Spirit Room Gallery.   Fargo, ND.

    2018: “Livestock Marker Show”.  Les Yeux du Monde Gallery.  Charlottesville, VA.

    BozArt Fine Art Collective Exhibitions:

    2015: Juried Show. Louisa Art Center. Purcell Gallery.  Louisa, VA.

    Writer House.  Charlottesville, VA.

    TJUM Unitarian Universalist Church. Charlottesville.

    Sojourner Church.  Charlottesville.

    Senior Center. Charlottesville.

    Summit Square. Waynesboro, VA.

    Holladay House. Orange, VA.

    Women’s Initiative.  Charlottesville.

    Loving Cup Vinyard.  North Garden, VA.

    Indoor Biotechnologies-BozArt 20th Anniversary. Charlottesville.

    City Space, PCA sponsored.  Charlottesville.

    2016:        Woodberry Forest Walker fine Art Center. Orange, VA.

    Holladay House.  Orange.

    Sentara/Martha Jefferson Hospital Outpatient Care Center, Charlottesville, VA.

    TJM Unitarian Universalist Church. Charlottesville.

    Women’s Initiative.  Charlottesville.

    Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Invitational Gallery

    Northside Library.  Charlottesville.

    Loving Cup Vinyard.  North Garden, VA.

    Greenhouse Coffee.  Crozet, VA.

    Hot Cakes.  Charlottesville.

    2017:  Westminster Canterbury.  Charlottesville, VA.

    Rockfish Community Center.  Nellysford, VA.

    “Orange”.  The Art Center of Orange.   Orange, VA.

    New Dominion Bookstore.  Charlottesville, VA.

    Shenandoah Valley Art Center.  Waynesboro, VA.

    CAAR.  Charlottesville, VA.

    Northside Library.   Charlottesville, VA.

    Women’s Initiative.  Charlottesville, VA.

    Holladay House Presents Kathy Kuhlmann and Maddy Watkins.  Orange, VA.

  • Biography

    Kathy Kuhlmann is a child of the prairies, born and raised in rural North Dakota where the sky is expansive, the weather dynamic, and natures colors always on full display.   Interestingly, crows were an adversary on the farm.

    Her education includes an Associate Degree from North Dakota State University, majoring in Textiles and Clothing with special interest in historical costume conservation and design.  She then earned a Bachelors Degree with highest Distinction from the University of Minnesota majoring in General Design with special interest in: fabric, dyeing, discharging, printing, appliqueing, and quilting.

    ‘Wearable Art’ became her first emphasis, using many and multiple processes and techniques to alter or embellish the surface.

    While in Minneapolis she was involved in a number of group shows.   She was a featured artist at the “Art Vestments” wearable arts show at the American State of the Arts Gallery in New York City.

    After moving to Charlottesville the wearable art and textile business eventually closed. As that door closed others opened including horseback riding and then back to art in the form of watercolors, phototransfers and other adventures.

    She defines her art as the ‘inward search with the outward expression’. 

    Crows seem to have reentered her life a few years ago.  She has developed an interest in all things crow.

    Kathy and her husband live in Albemarle County was assorted non-humans.