Thanks to C-ville Weekly for recognizing Les Yeux du Monde in its recent “Power Issue”.

20. Lyn Bolen Warren

Founder/director of Les Yeux du Monde art gallery

Photo: Amy Jackson
Photo: Amy Jackson

Bolen Warren has turned a small space in the hills northeast of Charlottesville into the city’s most important art gallery.

Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery was launched out of her rural home in October 1995, but Bolen Warren moved it to a downtown location, where it began to make a name among the local arts community. Street cred firmly established, the gallery relocated to its current home, an ultra-modern gallery designed by architecture firm WG Clark Architects, in 2009.

Les Yeux du Monde, which translates to The Eyes of the World, serves as a home to artist-quite-literally-in-residence Russ Warren, who married Bolen Warren in 2005, but it’s also an outlet for influential local, regional and national art talent. The gallery’s most recent show featured images of Syria by award-winning photojournalist Ed Kashi, who’s been published in National Geographic, the New York Times and Time magazine, and has permanent collections on display from New Orleans to Santa Fe.