Ana Rendich

  • Selected Works

    Circle Game (from J.Mitchell)
    Oil and pencil on canvas
    36 x 36″

    Circle Game I ( J. M.)
    Oil on canvas
    36 x 36″

    Circle Game II (from J.Mitchell)
    Oil and pencil on canvas
    36 x 36″

    On Absurdity II
    Coil and pencil on canvas
    24 x 24″

    Oil and prismacolor pencil on canvas
    36 x 36″

    Topography 4
    Oil and Prismacolor on canvas
    36 x 36″

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  • Statement

    I have always been connected from the invisible and visible aspects of human drama, the local and the universal, and their paramount importance. My art is assembled from different elements. Even although my paintings are not separated from me or my being it is not intended to be about me. And if there is a subject matter, that subject is greater than my individual self.

    My palette is not set in color – order, I find the colors as I go … I believe also that colors are like music notes, and like words in poetry, including its pauses and dissonances. They create a dialogue, a sensory experience…and a spiritual connection…

    I think that critical thinking goes hand with hand with art, and my paintings are born from a thought coming from an accumulation of a life of experiences, felt and heard.

    I see the white surface of my canvasses as Absences and I go from there, woven into the uncounted, rather the mimetic approach of a certain casual emotion.

    I start with simple lines and color allowing them to be, without resistance and judgment, until it starts to have life of its own and emerges. It is then that the composition takes Presence.

    There is always a constant connection and dialogue with my works. I can’t explain why I paint that way. What I can say is my paintings are created from a reflective point (or in a contemplative frame) of a lifetime of observations, experiences and powerful recollections about Humanity and Nature.

    I follow a state of mind- motion that wakes up what was in me in a dormant stage and evolves on the canvas spontaneously and creates a sense- Presence.

    Ana Rendich

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